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Jim Gilbert 4501 Spicewood Springs Rd. Suite 1029 Austin, TX 78759 Cell: (512) 913-1557
Work Phone: (512) 342-8744
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What Buyers Can Expect from Me

Things I do when I represent Buyers ...


è     Keep your interests at the forefront of what we do.

è     Listen to you and seek to understand your desires and needs.

è     Provide a client gateway (updated search web page) that will assist you in finding and evaluating properties that meet your search criteria and budget.

è     Show you properties and help you to evaluate them.

è     Work hard for you no matter what price house you purchase.

è     Educate you on property tax issues, title insurance, closing costs, loans, etc.

è     Insure that you have a copy of all documents you sign related to (1) your representation agreement with me, (2) disclosure of information related to the property or the transaction process, or (3) the contract itself.

è     Explain the legal paperwork, and your rights as a buyer (I am not a lawyer and cannot give legal advice.).

è     Give you a good explanation of the home-buying process, and guide you through the entire process.

è     Communicate well, by phone, by email, and in person, with you and with the agent on the other side in the transaction.

è     Prepare a comparative market analysis that shows properties that are currently on the market, and those that have sold in the past several months (usually six months), in the area of the house you choose to buy.

è     Assist you in preparing an offer that expresses your intentions and desires, including purchase price, loan amount and contingency, earnest money and title company, option period and cost, special provisions (business details, such as items to convey with the house), amount of closing costs to be paid by the seller, whether the contract is to include a home service policy, for example.

è     Present your purchase offer to the seller’s agent in a positive light.

è     Prepare any counteroffer or your response to the seller’s counteroffer according to your wishes.

è     Prepare and present any proposed amendments to the contract (for repairs or other purposes).

è     Manage the transaction in your behalf, by paying attention to detail throughout the process, making sure that key dates and provisions in the contract are honored

è     Prepare a closing calendar that highlights the key details and dates of the contract for you.

è     Provide you with a list of inspectors, home service plan companies, handymen, etc., that are needed during the contract period.

è     Help you in setting up inspections and other needed services for the property during the contract period

è     Keep you informed of what is happening in the transaction process.

è     Review key documents in the closing process (title insurance commitment, HUD-1 settlement statement, inspection report, WDI-termite inspection report, septic inspection report, etc.) and help you to understand them.

è     Stay in touch with the title company escrow officer and your lender to make sure that any issues that arise with the title search, your loan and the closing process can be handled as promptly as possible.

è     Schedule a final walk-through with you prior to closing.

è     Be at the closing with you (unless there is a good reason for me not to be there).

è     Keep in touch with you after the transaction is closed.

"We love because He first loved us." (1 John 4:19, NKJV)

Jim Gilbert, e-Pro®, REALTOR®
Austin, Texas Real Estate Agent
Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (#0536692) to sell Homes & Real Estate in Texas


4501 Spicewood Springs Rd., #1029, Austin, TX 78759 ♦ (512) 342-8744

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