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What Issues Commonly Appear in Inspection Reports?

Inspection reports vary widely, because no two properties are identical in their condition. The lists that follow give some common issues that are brought to light in inspections. The inspection report, usually issued within 1-2 days of the inspection, should be reviewed carefully by the Buyer to determine (1) which repairs and treatments, if any, he wants to negotiate with the Seller, or (2) if he wishes to terminate the contract within the option period. Repairs and treatments are requested as an amendment to the contract.

The Seller is not required to make any treatments or repairs, and nor is he required to bring a property up to current building codes. A Seller may agree to some items, and refuse to do others. A Seller may offer money at closing in lieu of doing some or all of the repairs and treatments requested.


  • Kitchen disposal is frozen
  • No anti-tip device on the oven
  • The oven will not hold its temperature
  • Stove burners will not light or heat
  • Dishwasher will not operate or rack is corroded


  • Light fixtures not working (bulbs missing or burnt out), or do not have covers
  • No GFCI (ground circuit fault interrupter) for  safety disrupt of electrical supply
  • Additional smoke detectors or a carbon monoxide monitor needed
  • Improperly-sized circuit breakers; circuit breakers not labeled
  • Aluminum wiring junctions with copper wires in older houses
  • Missing junction box covers


  • Hot water is not available throughout the house (broken valve, or plugged line or hot water heater)
  • No safety pan and drain beneath the hot water heater
  • Water leakage beneath a sink or at faucets
  • Toilets rocks; water does not shut off
  • Shower diverters or sink/shower drains do not work correctly
  • Shower tile or tub caulk is missing or cracked
  • Hot and cold water lines are reversed at sink or tub


  • Units do not heat or cool properly
  • Gas furnace flame pattern indicates that the coil may be cracked
  • Freon line insulation missing or frayed by compressor unit
  • Heat exchanger fins at compressor damaged or partially covered with grass or trash
  • Improper size, missing or dirty air filters
  • Air distribution ducts loose or damaged in attic
  • Storage in attic is too close to the furnace


  • Missing or damaged shingles (hail, wind or tree limb damage)
  • Wood rot or water damage to trim and siding
  • Indications of wood-destroying insect activity
  • Evidence of roof leaks (yellowed areas on ceilings or walls)
  • Roof flashings deteriorated or installed improperly
  • Fogging inside double-pane windows (seal has failed)
  • Wood or shrubs touching the house; soil too high on the foundation,or lot drains toward house, making it susceptible to water or insect intrusion
  • Windows panes broken; screens missing; window will not open or stay open
  • Railing missing or needed on porch or deck
  • Cracked sheet rock in ceiling or walls; doors will not open or close properly; doors will not stay open (ghosting); cracks in concrete, or brick or stone mortar


  • Garage door opener remote(s) missing
  • Garage door mechanical lock not disabled
  • Safety reverse on garage door openers needs adjusting
  • Sprinkler system needs repair

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